Paying your rent

As an AIHA resident your tenancy agreement states 
that your rent is due weekly and in advance.

How do I pay my rent?

The most convenient way to pay your rent is by Direct Debit. That way you won’t have to worry when your rent changes as we will amend the Direct Debit for you (we will always tell you when any changes are being made).

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Ways to pay your rent

Please contact AIHA’s Income Manager Joel Bialoglowski on 020 3905 3012 (or 020 8802 3819 extension 276) or, in his absence, Income Manager Michoel Gehler on 020 8815 3074 (or 020 8802 3819 extension 274) if you would like to set up a Direct Debit.

Alternatively, you can call the AIHA office on 020 8802 3819 to pay your rent by card, or in person with cash or cheque at the AIHA office.

Claiming Universal Credit or Housing Benefit

If you are on a low income or receiving benefits, you might be entitled to claim Universal Credit or Housing Benefit to help with your rent. Claims for Universal Credit are made online to the Government’s Department of Work & Pensions (DWP), but if you do not have access to the internet, this can be done over the phone. It is your responsibility to ensure that your claims are processed quickly; you can help the process by making sure you have all the information that the DWP needs such as a copy of your tenancy agreement and proof of your income.

Rent arrears

If you start to experience problems paying your rent on time you need to:

  • Contact the Income Team immediately to discuss the situation. It is very important that you seek our help and advice quickly and explain the problems you are facing before the debt gets too large and out of hand. We can usually help you sort out a problem provided you let us know as soon as possible.
  • Respond to our letters, phone calls, texts, emails and visits. Please ensure you keep any appointments made to discuss your arrears. The earlier we make contact with you, the sooner we can help you resolve the problem.
  • Get some advice about claiming Universal Credit. Click on this link to see what benefits you may be entitled to.
  • We will do what we can to help you with your problems and may refer you to an independent Debt Advice Agency. They will be able to discuss the best way for you to clear your debt.

Housing Benefit and Universal Credit

If your arrears are due to unpaid Housing Benefit you need to:

  • Contact your local council’s Benefits Department as a matter of urgency to find out why your benefit has not been paid.
  • Supply all the requested information promptly to enable your claim to be processed.
  • Advise the Benefits Department of any change in your circumstances quickly.
  • Keep the AIHA Income Team updated about what is happening

Please remember that your rent is always due regardless of receipt of Housing Benefit; this is because your tenancy agreement is between you and AIHA and not your local council.  This remains the case notwithstanding any other issues or disputes that may arise.

For any advice on your rent please speak to either Income Manager on the numbers shown above or contact them by email at 

Paying your rent on time is very important. If you do fall into difficulty, please do not ignore the problem as it will not go away but will only get worse unless you seek our help. If you do need help, please contact the Income Team on 020 8802 3819 extension 274 or 276.

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